At least 10 dead during Guinea referendum: opposition

Guinean army (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

How the ICC is encouraging greater civilian casualties

The International Criminal Court (U.N. photo)

British lawmakers demand changes in Palestinian, UNRWA textbooks

British Houses of Parliament. (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Six-Year Prison Sentence For Iran Activist Who Called On Khamenei To Resign

Reza Mehregan, Iranian activist sentenced to six years in prison. (File photo courtesy social media)

At least 43 killed in attack on Burkina Faso villages

Burkina Faso military (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: The U.N. "Human Rights" Council is antisemitic

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the 2020 AIPAC conference, March 2, 2020 (Screenshot)

Gaza rocket fired toward Israel

A rocket fired from Gaza (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Socialist Venezuela Officially Takes Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

A starving Venezuelan man eating from garbage (Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Palestinians Fire 90 Rockets at Israel in Two Days

A rocket from Gaza (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Gaza terrorists fire rocket salvo at Israel's south

Rockets from Gaza (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The U.N. Blacklist: Don't Be Bullied

The UN Human Rights Council

The U.N. should be ashamed of its anti-Israel boycott list

High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council (Screenshot of a UN Webcast)

Balloon carrying rocket-propelled grenade warhead flown into Israel from Gaza reports

The warhead of a rocket-propelled grenade flown into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on February 18, 2020. (Courtesy)

Two Rockets from Gaza Strike Israel on Saturday

Rockets from Gaza (File photo)

Anti-Israel NGOs Are Exploiting Coronavirus to Spread Hate

Sarah Leah Whitson (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Fraud and sex abuse probes in U.N. peace operations increase

U.N. peacekeepers (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

International Criminal Court decision on Israel delayed by coronavirus shutdown

International Criminal Court (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Qatar World Cup: report reveals 34 stadium worker deaths in six years

Qatari workers (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Israel Should Quit Putting up With U.N.'s 'Triple' Standards

United Nations Headquarters (File photo)

Israeli Border Police Foil Palestinian Stabber in Jerusalem

A knife used in an attempted stabbing (File photo)

Gaza terrorists target Israel with party balloons bearing bombs

Incendiary balloons from Gaza (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Vice President Pence at AIPAC Conference: Anti-Zionism is antisemitism

Vice President Mike Pence at AIPAC conference, March 2, 2020 (screenshot)

The U.N. blacklist and a lesson on corporate responsibility

The U.N. Human Rights Council (File photo)

Paris police attacker ran web search on killing 'infidels' before rampage: source

French police officers (File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Christianity crackdown: Five churches burned as terrorist group open fire in Nigeria

Islamic terrorists attacked a Christian town in Garkida, Nigeria on Friday (Image: Save the Persecuted Church/Facebook)

How Trump can root out antisemitism at the U.N.

High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet (File photo)

14 Gaza rockets fired into Israel in less than an hour; playground, yard hit

A rocket lands in the yard of a home in Sderot, Israel (Photo: Sderot Municipality)

The Truth About the Antisemitic U.N. List

United Nations Headquarters

A brazen anti-Semitic 'blacklist'

The United Nations Human Rights Council (File photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Debunk the U.N. "Human Rights" Council 'blacklist'

The United Nations Human Rights Council

Stabbing attempt by Palestinian terrorist at the Cave of the Patriarchs

A knife used in a previous Palestinian terrorist attack (File photo courtesy Israel Police Spokespersons Unit)

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