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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, April 22, 2020

Israel arrests Hamas operatives planning terror attacks in Jerusalem

Original source

Jerusalem Post

The Shin Bet, in cooperation with the IDF and the Israel Police, arrested three Hamas operatives who were planning to commit several terror attacks against security forces and Israelis in Jerusalem and Ramallah area.

27-year-old Ahmed Sjadiyeh, 26-year-old Mohammad Hamed and 24-year-old Omer Eid met during their studies at the Bir Zeyt University, and were a part of Hamas' central student's union in the West Bank.

The three attempted to created home-made explosive devices by downloading instructions from the internet and bough several chemicals and metals to accomplish their task.

Their plans included bombing the Beitar Jerusalem soccer stadium in Jerusalem as well as several other terror attacks against Israeli security forces in the West Bank.

To achieve this task, Eid was sent to the stadium on December 4, during a soccer match and review the security and possible ways to commit their act.

The three were funded by Hamas through another member of the university, who is currently imprisoned in Israel. The funds amounted to tens of thousands of shekels.

The Shin Bet arrested the three before they managed to build a bomb and thwarted the planned terror attacks.