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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, February 16, 2020

Two Rockets from Gaza Strike Israel on Saturday

Original source

Israel Hayom

Israeli fighter jets struck Hamas targets in Gaza early Sunday in response to two rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israeli communities on Saturday evening, according to an IDF statement.

The army confirmed two rockets were fired from the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave, landing in open terrain and causing no damage.

An IDF statement said a military compound used by Hamas was hit. "This strike will impede the Hamas terror organization's future abilities," the IDF statement said.

Consequently, Israel announced it was suspending the easing of the sanctions on Gaza, including the expansion of fishing zones.

In recent weeks, Israel's southern communities have experienced a steep increase of incendiary balloon attacks, sometimes carrying explosives.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, even attacks claimed by other armed factions. It often responds by striking terrorist infrastructure. There have been several such exchanges in recent weeks, with no casualties on either side.